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- Call for Papers –

(bis 15. Januar 2018)

Copernicus meets Galileo: Earth Observation - Navigation – GeoIT
8 + 9 May 2019 - Bochum

Thematic areas:

  • Data access points and cloud computing - Hubs, DIAS, CODE-DE, Sentinel Hub, Amazon AWS, …
  • Autonomous vehicles, aviation, transport (land, water, air, rail) - mobile robotics – miniaturisation – swarm intelligence -
  • Monitoring – Ground movement and ground changes
  • Sector-specific service architectures – Competence centres
  • Application sectors: Energy industry/renewable energies, mining/post-mining, agriculture/forestry, smart cities/urban monitoring, maritime and inland navigation, water management, environmental and nature conservation, climate protection, transport and mobility
  • Challenges from the point of view of (potential) users – what are the barriers, drivers and requirements, where are applications already successfully in use, where is the journey going, future developments?